The British Columbia Criminal Justice Association strives to contribute to society by educating, informing, and promoting debate on criminal justice issues. We believe we are in a position where we are able to provide commentary and a forum for informed discussion about criminal justice issues from a perspective of “what works” and what is needed, rather than from a perspective of self-interest. Please join us and help make a difference!


As with many organizations providing educational public forums we have been quiet since the onslaught of Covid-19.  Well as the numbers of us who are fully vaccinated rapidly increase and public health restrictions on gathering loosen it is time for BCCJA to get back to work.  Plans are underway to provide several public forums beginning this fall. There are a myriad of issues calling out for informed discussion and we will be working to address as many as we can.  So, watch this space for notice of upcoming events.


Celebration of Life event in honour of Pam Flegel (BCCJA past Vice -President)

Scheduled September 27 from 12:00 – 4:00 PM, at the Aria Convention Centre in Surrey, an opportunity to come together as a community and engage in collective celebration and healing, as we share in memories, stories, and the love of our dear friend and colleague.

The event will be a mixture of service users, CSS staff, and external partners. Please save this date in your calendars and pass along this information to anyone who knew Pam and may be interested in attending.

As the organizers will need to coordinate the number of attendees, they are asking would ask anyone looking to join to please RSVP by September 16. You can do so by emailing events@connective.ca. (The family notice of her death can be found on our ABOUT US page