The British Columbia Criminal Justice Association strives to contribute to society by educating, informing and promoting debate on criminal justice issues. We believe we are in a position where we are able to provide commentary and a forum for informed discussion about criminal justice issues from a perspective of “what works” and what is needed, rather than from a perspective of self-interest. Please join us and help make a difference!



It was a difficult summer and fall of 2019 with the loss Bill Foster and John Braithwaite.  They were two of the most effective advocates and leaders BCCJ has had over many years. We have more to say about this on the News and Events page.

And, our longtime financial guru, Bill Turner, decided it was time to let someone else turn their professional eye to BCCJA’s fiscal health.  

We have now regrouped and are back focused on our mission and purpose.  Just as John, Bill, and Bill  would have it!